Saturday, March 29, 2008


So, Saturday's are the long run days and this week is one of our down weeks and I didn't run at all this week with the snow, rain, and crazy weather. So today I thought- "No biggie, it's just 6 miles!" Well smarty with asthma here still has to be able to breathe!! I should have run this week rain/sleet or snow. That was the hardest part with it being so cold and a dry cold.
I guess the part I laugh at most is that we are all in our 30's and there is a wide range in those 30- proud to hold the middle ground myself. But we all have suffered injuries and have daily aches and pains. But not one of us has been willing to call it quits. And I so have wanted to plenty of times. I can't wait though until next week... we run 14 and that will be just a little over a real "half marathon". I need to register this month and honestly I just can't decide whether to do a half or kill my body with a full.
Thanks for listening to the ramblings. Promise to post more artwork this next week!!

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