Friday, May 30, 2008

Just a few cards...

Well Hello!! No stories today. Finally some artwork. I will just get right to it. I made this card front using up some scraps I had on my table from another project that I forgot to take pics of. Hopefully I can get over to my neighbors and take some pictures of the box I made for her. I didn't stamp much on this one... but the flower is from Angel Whispers along with the sentiment "scatter sunshine".

The next ones are using the June SOTM and I challenged myself to not use any dots or ribbon and only one piece of layering. This as you have seen in my past cards is something that I just don't do. But I love the simplicity of them!! I did use a couple of clear stickers for the sentiments. I also used Stickles if you can see them on the ends of the flowers. Colors are Garden Green CS and then White Daisy and Olive inks.

Then the last one is a complete throw together. I am not sure where it came from other than this is what happens when you are tired and it really is too late to craft!! Stamps used are from Serendipity and Say it with stlye- (CTMH) and colors are baby pink, watermelon, chocolate, and sweat leaf. Paper flowers I picked up at Target on sale!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Where does the time go???

I can't believe how last week just flew past us. We have been so busy with baseball and choir concerts. I also had to do a long run that went from hoping to get 18 in to only doing 12. I started on Saturday morning at 5:45( anyone who knows me is laughing at that already- I am not a morning person and that start time is when my feet started running... I was up at 4:40). By mile 9 I realized that I was half way done and I was hot... so my mind said you could finish today but why?? You would be hard pressed to do 26. I realized also at that moment I didn't have enough water to finish and well mentally I was done. So I let Christi pass me up and started to cool down, called D to come and get me at the park a couple miles ahead and finished my run just under 12 miles by a few feet. I decided doing a half marathon was a huge victory for this girl who never has run before!! And no one can steal that for me.
Back pedal to Thursday which was my shopping day with my little man Ethan. Not shopping for anything fun just groceries!! Well, walking through Sam's he has this moment of silence and says "Mommy I really want a new brother and sister." I didn't reply just kept shopping because we have sorta walked away from the process for a bit trying to seek what God really has for us. Few seconds later he says "Mom, I really just want a baby sister. Are you listening to me?" "I am Ethan." "When is she coming?" "Well, I don't know buddy. We will have to ask God." We keep going and pay and get to the car where I have a message from the Youth for Christ office wanting to schedule our walk-thru. I had previously called and told them we wanted to step back and didn't want to schedule but there they were calling. On Friday morning, Dalton went to carpool a little earlier than usual for a new guy and heard on the radio a plea for Foster Parents. He called telling me it was like they described our family to the letter. We had to call them back and schedule. Well, I did and they come in 2 days. So I have been rushing around finishing the last little things that needed to be done. Hence the no creations to share right now. I do promise to get to creating as soon as I can.
Friday night my brother Aaron also got married. It was a beautiful ceremony. I wish them years of happiness and love. My mother has now officially married off all her children!! :o)
Brookelyn also had her "Big" Honor Choir concert in the middle school theater. It was beautiful. She sings so pretty. She gets to go the Seattle Center next week and sing in the main area and then eat and ride rides. She is so excited. Ethan and I are going to go watch and have some fun with her.
Kaelyn's ball is coming to an end as May is also coming to an end. He is so excited to have a Real Summer this year. We hope to plan some camping trips and other fun things.
Well, off to do the things on my long list. The heat has gone with the sun and we are sitting in cool rainy temps. It is refreshing when you don't have air conditioning but I do miss the sun. Thanks for stopping by and reading all the way tot the end- if you have!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I am back...

What a weekend. It was wonderful, long -yet not long enough if that makes any sense. I miss my brother and his wife, dad and his wife, and my wonderful mother and father-in law. It is so hard to be away from family. This was really the first time I have gotten to know my brother's wife and my dad's wife. I love them both dearly... even more now. I have had a whopping 2 hours of sleep in the last 2 days and I am about to drop. So more about the trip and more of what you really came to see tomorrow. Thanks for checking in.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm off...

Please check back in on Monday. I will be back to creating and posting. I am off to see my baby brother graduate. I can't wait to see some sunshine. Feel some warmth!! It has been so cold and dreary up here. No fun.
Have a great weekend and come back soon.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Grad's & Mother's Day!!

Well, I had fun these cards. The first is for my brother. Final card is 5x7.

Stamps: Legendary Moments, Rustic Alpha, Card Commentary, and Express Postage
Embellishments: bamboo eyelets and chocolate waxy flax
Papers: Free Spirit and Desert Sand CS
Colors: Twilight, Desert Sand, Cocoa

The second is one you may have seen but I used my copics to add a little color. It is one I did for a card class back in March.

Stamps: Simple Beauty, Frienship Puzzle
Paper: silohuette polka dots, Black, White daisy, Grey Flannel, Sweet Leaf
Inks: Grey Wool
Embellishments: Black brads, Stickles

The last card was the fun one. I had seen one like this in an old Paper Crafts... but it was really plain. I decided to dress this one up. I have to admit I tried to texture the "pot" portion of the card with my cuttlebug but it just didn't work out with the dimensions of the card being bigger than the embossing folder. So, this is the second attempt and I love how it turned out!! I hope you do too.

Stamps: Simple Beauty
Paper: K & Company Roam Designer Paper
Tools: Cuttlebug flower dies and embossing folder
Inks: Sweet leaf, chocolate
Embellishments: My Stickease from Caprice and Life Delights, liguid glass, stickles

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So many cards to make and this one I like a lot. I hope to stay on a roll. I have waited till the last minute to make 2 grad cards, some more mother's day cards for the special lady friends in my life, and others. This one is for my sister in law that I will get to see this weekend. Her and my brother are graduating college. I can't wait to see them.
I used all CTMH supplies except the sewing. I used Caprice papers, Angel Whispers, Serendipity and Say it with Style stamps. Colors are chocolate, desert sand, sweet leaf, crystal blue, and honey. Hope you enjoy!! Be back with more later.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Promise of Spring...

I hate to visit blogs daily and see the same thing looking back at me... I am sorry. I haven't felt very creative this week. But the sun has been shining a little and the weather has been a little warmer... hence the Promise of Spring.
Monday night Kaelyn and I went running together- fun. It was raining a little and a the cutest little puppy wouldn't quit following us.. We asked a few people up and down our path if they knew who she might belong to- but no one did. The rain started coming down heavier and she was already so drenched and cold that we decided to take her home. Now Kaelyn had already named her by the time we got home. Coco... you can see where this is going right??? I called the vet and checked Craigslist to see if anyone was missing their puppy. Checked back in the area we found her the following day for signs... nothing. Then thought oh my we just got ourselves a 3rd dog. My little Ethan had fallen in love and asked a million times "Mom, can we PLeeeease keep her?" Then I got a text from Heidi that her husband saw a sign on his run for her. Oh the heartache my kids had. I have to admit I was a little or a lot sad too. Ethan and Kaelyn went with Dalton to take her home. Ethan was so big after crying alligator tears for over an hour. We went and got ice cream that night after church to makes us all feel better. Here is a picture of the cutest little girly pup.

I did finally make a card today and I do love it. It is bright and cheery. It is an older promo set CTMH had last year. I love the size of the flowers in it. This is a birthday card for my mother in law. I have to get busy and finish all my gifts that I am taking next week back to Oklahoma. My brother and sister-n-law are graduating college. Just saying that makes me feel so old. I know I am not ancient. But first he goes and gets married and now he'll officially be all grown up!! I can remember sitting in our rocking chair with my pink footed jams and him in the car seat carrier in front of me. I rocked us both that way. Crazy to imagine him so grown up!! I can't imagine what my parents feel. Really old!!! Hee hee. So enough chatter you came for the card!!

oooh... updated card. It needed a little something once I saw it on the screen. I added piercing in the corner with the words "celebrate" and a little tag at the botton. I also crumpled the edges of the flower just a little.

Colors: Honey, Sweet Leaf, Holiday Red/ Stamps: Promise of Spring, Serendipity/Ribbon: CTMH Cranberry grosgrain & photo hanger pewter CTMH/ Stickles & CTMH Clear Detailed EP