Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Do you ever feel like you just Need to be creative. I am having one of those days... So until I plop down and create something let me share some things that I have created when I did feel this way. I cleaned up my craft room and started seeing some of the fun things I made and didn't give away and thought "now what are you ever going to do with that?? It literally is taking up dust!!"
This first one was so much fun to make and I adore it still. The papers are Close to My Hearts- Simple Pleasures. My downline gave me the tin at convention last year and I dolled it up to my likings sometime after.

And this time of year you start to think Spring is just around the corner. The sun has been shining so bright- yeah it's 20 degrees in the morning but it has to be close after all the Sun is shining!!! Spring means fun handbags to me!!! Here is one of my favorite projects to make Paper Purses!! It has a darling little pen and mini composition book to match. Papers are Close to My Heart but they are retired. It was a fun set to play with.

And then lastly I love reading all the Papercrafts, Creating Keepsakes, you get the idea magazines... I saw an inspiration card just around the time of my dear friend Tricia's birthday this last year... I loved the paper in the card. I took out so many different stamps and recreated it!! I think if you saw the pic and yes I showed it to her you would just be amazed at what you can do with your stamps!!

So until later, be inspired to go Create!! It's good for you!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Family times....

So, I get the feeling by talking to some that you are actually reading my blog. Yahoo!! So, let me share that Ethan turned "4"!! What a monumental age that has been so far. He has loved the number 4- for so long. He was even going to sleep in his own bed when he turned "4" but then he promptly told Kaelyn he was just Kidding!! What a hoot that was. And I wanted to share pictures but just realized they are held captive in my camera. I will upload them and share another day.
Life is really good here. We have had so much fun together lately. We got the Wii over Christmas and I have to say that has been the most fun the family has had playing together than any other game. I am ready to go PRO in bowling- well not really but in about 140 points I will be!! Ethan really kicks our ba-hookey each game. Little boy is sooooo good.
Tonight was family movie night and we watched an old favorite- "Shaggy Dog." It was so cute to see Kaelyn snuggled up to Dal on the couch. I love that boy. He is filled with such a soft and sweet spirit. I had Brookelyn all snuggled up to me while Ethan- well he took turns playing the dog, Optimus Prime, and his favorite Power Ranger. It is always such a wonderful time to spend together.
Please remember us in your prayers as we wait for the child that God has for us. We are so anxious to meet them.- Yes I said them as though it were plural. The vision I feel God has place in my heart is of a young boy and an infant girl. If I am wrong ok- but if it come to fruition than Hallelujah I had the privilege to see His way and Believe in Him.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Adoption Update

So adoption updates...not what I was hoping for. Antioch is a church that runs the adoption agency like a ministry through their church. With all non for profits it is a financial burden to say the least to run this especially when there is no fee to those adopting. The pastor Ken Hutcherson feels very strongly about finding families for children and feels like the finances that other big agency charge shouldn't be what stops children from being connected with good homes.

Over the last couple of months for various reasons they have lost 3 really great people. 2 of which were directly involved in our case. Maddy was by far the biggest shock to Dalton and I because we didn't know that she was or why. I wish her the best in whatever lies ahead for her and will pray for her daily. Our homestudy worker Kristen left to pursue her Master's degree and while I think that is great we just loved her. But do wish her the best as well. Now with Kerry Ann who was a caseworker doing placements that directly affected us the most- but she is at Youth for Christ the foster agency we will/are using. :o)

That all being said they are down in staff with only 2 caseworkers with their maximum load of cases. The wait for a placement will be longer than ever before unless we take a direct placement through Youth for Christ. That makes me sad.

But what I am still really sad about is the need for these children to find homes doesn't go away and it is strictly a budgetary thing. I wish adopting domestically especially within your state was much easier than it is.

We would so appreciate any prayers you could lift up for us. We will be praying for God to give us guidance and clear direction for His will. That we would have discernment to know that is His will. Waiting is the hardest part and we knew it would be, but we didn't know it would be this long potentially. So pray for us. Thank you for all that are and do in the future.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wow 2008!!

A new year calls for a bright new look!!
So, I am ultimately embarrassed that it is 2008 and I haven't posted since before Christmas. This was one busy Christmas holiday break. Between concerts, and parties.. it all went so fast. The year really went so fast. I will have to share with you some of my favorite pics from December.

Ethan was so cute at his concert- nothing like 3 year old children singing "Good News" about Jesus being born!! Or shall I say, SHOUTING!!!

And here is one of Brookelyn for her concert...

And well let me find a cute one of Kaelyn...

now really what other picture of him would I have but in a sports event??

So, it is a new year and we all have been so sick with the dang bug that I finally finished sanitizing all the sheets and lysoling (SP?)anything that stood still including air vents. We have to get rid of this virus!!! It has been with us for toooo long. But all is feeling better.

So some of the events to look forward to with this coming new year.
Hopefully good news on the adoption front.
I am somehow going to train to run a marathon- those that know me- YOU must Stand back up and STOP laughing. I cannot tell you how it came about, but it did and I am not backing down. So, I bought a new pair of running shoes and will be getting a refill on my inhalers and off I will go. Kicking and screaming!!!
And of course I will be posting more artwork than 2007- it is my personal goal to catch up on my own scrapbooking while still playing with fun new products and making cards and altering anything I can imagine. :o) One can dream!!

So this is also the birthday month!! Ethan turns 4, Dalton on the 16th and Brooke turns 10 on the 18th. Sprinkle my little brother in there on the 10th and Doug (D's brother) in there on the 1st!! What a glorious month!!! God was so good to all of us for giving each one of them to us.

So, until tomorrow- yes really tomorrow. Good night!!