Monday, January 7, 2008

Adoption Update

So adoption updates...not what I was hoping for. Antioch is a church that runs the adoption agency like a ministry through their church. With all non for profits it is a financial burden to say the least to run this especially when there is no fee to those adopting. The pastor Ken Hutcherson feels very strongly about finding families for children and feels like the finances that other big agency charge shouldn't be what stops children from being connected with good homes.

Over the last couple of months for various reasons they have lost 3 really great people. 2 of which were directly involved in our case. Maddy was by far the biggest shock to Dalton and I because we didn't know that she was or why. I wish her the best in whatever lies ahead for her and will pray for her daily. Our homestudy worker Kristen left to pursue her Master's degree and while I think that is great we just loved her. But do wish her the best as well. Now with Kerry Ann who was a caseworker doing placements that directly affected us the most- but she is at Youth for Christ the foster agency we will/are using. :o)

That all being said they are down in staff with only 2 caseworkers with their maximum load of cases. The wait for a placement will be longer than ever before unless we take a direct placement through Youth for Christ. That makes me sad.

But what I am still really sad about is the need for these children to find homes doesn't go away and it is strictly a budgetary thing. I wish adopting domestically especially within your state was much easier than it is.

We would so appreciate any prayers you could lift up for us. We will be praying for God to give us guidance and clear direction for His will. That we would have discernment to know that is His will. Waiting is the hardest part and we knew it would be, but we didn't know it would be this long potentially. So pray for us. Thank you for all that are and do in the future.

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