Saturday, January 12, 2008

Family times....

So, I get the feeling by talking to some that you are actually reading my blog. Yahoo!! So, let me share that Ethan turned "4"!! What a monumental age that has been so far. He has loved the number 4- for so long. He was even going to sleep in his own bed when he turned "4" but then he promptly told Kaelyn he was just Kidding!! What a hoot that was. And I wanted to share pictures but just realized they are held captive in my camera. I will upload them and share another day.
Life is really good here. We have had so much fun together lately. We got the Wii over Christmas and I have to say that has been the most fun the family has had playing together than any other game. I am ready to go PRO in bowling- well not really but in about 140 points I will be!! Ethan really kicks our ba-hookey each game. Little boy is sooooo good.
Tonight was family movie night and we watched an old favorite- "Shaggy Dog." It was so cute to see Kaelyn snuggled up to Dal on the couch. I love that boy. He is filled with such a soft and sweet spirit. I had Brookelyn all snuggled up to me while Ethan- well he took turns playing the dog, Optimus Prime, and his favorite Power Ranger. It is always such a wonderful time to spend together.
Please remember us in your prayers as we wait for the child that God has for us. We are so anxious to meet them.- Yes I said them as though it were plural. The vision I feel God has place in my heart is of a young boy and an infant girl. If I am wrong ok- but if it come to fruition than Hallelujah I had the privilege to see His way and Believe in Him.

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