Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Where does the time go???

I can't believe how last week just flew past us. We have been so busy with baseball and choir concerts. I also had to do a long run that went from hoping to get 18 in to only doing 12. I started on Saturday morning at 5:45( anyone who knows me is laughing at that already- I am not a morning person and that start time is when my feet started running... I was up at 4:40). By mile 9 I realized that I was half way done and I was hot... so my mind said you could finish today but why?? You would be hard pressed to do 26. I realized also at that moment I didn't have enough water to finish and well mentally I was done. So I let Christi pass me up and started to cool down, called D to come and get me at the park a couple miles ahead and finished my run just under 12 miles by a few feet. I decided doing a half marathon was a huge victory for this girl who never has run before!! And no one can steal that for me.
Back pedal to Thursday which was my shopping day with my little man Ethan. Not shopping for anything fun just groceries!! Well, walking through Sam's he has this moment of silence and says "Mommy I really want a new brother and sister." I didn't reply just kept shopping because we have sorta walked away from the process for a bit trying to seek what God really has for us. Few seconds later he says "Mom, I really just want a baby sister. Are you listening to me?" "I am Ethan." "When is she coming?" "Well, I don't know buddy. We will have to ask God." We keep going and pay and get to the car where I have a message from the Youth for Christ office wanting to schedule our walk-thru. I had previously called and told them we wanted to step back and didn't want to schedule but there they were calling. On Friday morning, Dalton went to carpool a little earlier than usual for a new guy and heard on the radio a plea for Foster Parents. He called telling me it was like they described our family to the letter. We had to call them back and schedule. Well, I did and they come in 2 days. So I have been rushing around finishing the last little things that needed to be done. Hence the no creations to share right now. I do promise to get to creating as soon as I can.
Friday night my brother Aaron also got married. It was a beautiful ceremony. I wish them years of happiness and love. My mother has now officially married off all her children!! :o)
Brookelyn also had her "Big" Honor Choir concert in the middle school theater. It was beautiful. She sings so pretty. She gets to go the Seattle Center next week and sing in the main area and then eat and ride rides. She is so excited. Ethan and I are going to go watch and have some fun with her.
Kaelyn's ball is coming to an end as May is also coming to an end. He is so excited to have a Real Summer this year. We hope to plan some camping trips and other fun things.
Well, off to do the things on my long list. The heat has gone with the sun and we are sitting in cool rainy temps. It is refreshing when you don't have air conditioning but I do miss the sun. Thanks for stopping by and reading all the way tot the end- if you have!!


judy anderson said...

I looked all the way to the beginning. And read bits and pieces here and there. You could always be a writer. I got sooo interested in some of the stories I forgot about the art work.

kari said...

Congratulations... I know with our adoption, God's timing is always perfect... I will be praying for you.

Kari CTMH sister