Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Croup Boy!!

Well it was a scary bout with croup and now that he is feeling almost back to healthy. He still has the cough and can't be active without being out of breath.
I will share the story and how I know for sure I am scrapbooker.

He had a rough night Friday night after the ladies left from the card class. He was asleep in our bed and on fire... He had that laboring breathing but I didn't want to wake him. So the next morning the seal had shown up. He was barking rather than coughing and his whole tummy was breathing for him. He had a fever and we gave him ibuprofen and he never left the couch.. Not the Saturday morning boy we are used to. Needless to say in the afternoon we were rushing out the door with a boy who just simply couldn't breath. We made it to Swedish ER where they gave him and Epi mist treatment and a dose of steroid... Didn't take much effect and they decided to transfer him to Swedish Children's Hospital. So, he rode by ambulance to the unit and I have to say when he was stable and all was okay in the ambulance I thought- I hope this never has to happen again but I wish I had my camera to show him later. Agghhh- scrapping thoughts.
The ER nurse and the young man Steve from the ambulance were amazing fingerprints of God. They took such great care of our little guy. It was just so comforting to know how much they really cared for him. He even gave Ethan little knuckles when he got him settled in his room. I just loved it.

Here are a few pics I did get in the hospital room.. they go from sick boy that just didn't have much "life" to him.. to restless boy wanting to go home. I'm not sick in my mind or heart mom- I just can't breathe.

Right before "bedtime"

These are him ready to go mom. He had some eggs for breakfast and a red jello.. and he was ready to wave goodbye and go.

We had to wait a long time for his last dose of steroid to come and that was his discharge rights. He got really restless waiting. So the cord to the tv became quite a photo shoot... this was just a sampling of "look mom and take a pic.. let me see...oh look at this mom and take pic..." you see the pattern. We took over 50 pictures in the hour wait for the pharmacy.


Leslie said...

What a cutie!
Hello Miss Inky,
I have been tagged and I am taggin you. I hope you don't mind! The rules are on my blog leannesscraps.blogspot.com

Hilary Kanwischer said...

Well, don't you just have the sweetest little blog. Oh, I had to leave a post when I saw this. I just went through this same exact thing with my son, Connor. It was the single scariest thing for me, and I work as a Paramedic...go figure. It's so scary when it's your own, hope he's feeling better. I'll be back often to peak. :)