Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've Been Tagged and I didn't even know it!!

I was tagged by Leslie- http://leannesscraps.blogspot.com/
7 Intersting or Weird Facts about myself....

1. My very first concert was Tina Turner at 12 or 13. I got to go backstage and I remember thinking how cool they had shrimp cocktail everywhere!!

2. After seeing Poetic Justice I had my hair done in braids. I only wore them for a week and they were soo heavy!!! I am still not sure what I was thinking.

3. I am a HGTV and Food Network Junkie!! I can't get enough of my favorite shows on those channels. Especially Ace of Cakes and Food Challenge. I love Color Splash and all of the Design to Sell or What you get for the money type of shows.

4. I would love to be just like Martha- all but the jail stint. I just don't have the time or time management to do all that organizing and projects that I have lists to do!!

5. By the time I was 19 I had moved over 20 times in my life. Crazy to add onto it given I am 35 now and moved a ton more.

6. I am really shy when you first meet me. I often get pegged for being a little stuck up maybe... but I am just shy. Of course if you already know me you would never say that is true!!

7. I absolutely hate peas. and Absolutely LOVE a skinny vanilla latte and Diet Coke!!

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So here are the ones who I chose to tag:http://ericathescrapper.blogspot.com/, http://luckybugcreations.blogspot.com,http://clearlyinspired.blogspot.com/

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