Saturday, March 22, 2008


No artwork today... But I have to tell you--- I ran 12 miles today!! It is absolutely insane to think it. But this morning I was absolutely excited. I didn't sleep very good even the last couple of hours in bed. And today I ran the ENTIRE time. I ran 5 minutes faster than my 10 mile run last Monday. Thank you God for the ability to do so!!
It was fun running with the group rather than alone. Although, it get into such a zone that it is like you are running alone. I was glad to have Christi behind me so that I would "have" to keep running. We also ran with our pastor and boy for a man that only does 3 miles he kicked all of our times. But what a rewarding day!!!
Can't make this too long, have to keep moving so I don't get stiff. Talk later!!

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