Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm back!!

I got back in the old habit of not blogging and getting too busy with life. I have so much to catch up on. I am sooo sorry. We will start with the weather. IT has been absolutely the craziest spring ever. The end of March we had snow... then just this weekend it was 81 on Saturday, such a teaser... yesterday it was pelting hail and in the 40's. Please sunshine come to stay!!!

Here is a pic of the kids playing in the snow we had...

Then last week was spring break and we did lots of activities through the week. We went bowling, swimming, had sleepovers and went to Whidbey with our neighbor Heidi and her children. It was so much fun!! We went on a day trip that Friday to the Tulip Town. It was quite the adventure finding it but so much fun and worth the drive and trip. Although, with the chilly nilly weather we didn't get to see the tulips in full bloom. But still so pretty.
Here are some pics of the kids in the tulips...
Ethan, Kaelyn, William, Miles, and Hannah

This is Ethan doing his favorite move ever!!

We also drove through the most beautiful part of WA to me- other than Mt Ranier. Deception Pass it was so pretty.
Here are a few pics we took there....

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