Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oh Bother...

I am such an Eeyore right now. I can't get past this sinus infection. I feel like after 5 days of antibiotic I am still worse than I was when I went in. I get these all the time and a round of meds usually zaps it away. But this one is lingering and holding on for dear life. Not fun.
We are all doing great though. Ethan is loving school and playing with his friends. Brookelyn is loving everything in life. From reading to her new music program she got in to. Kaelyn is a bit under weather but did I mention last Saturday he turned "12". Middle school and almost a "teen" Yikes!!! But he is doing so great in all of his classes and is back to loving math the best. Playing like a rock star on the football field and just loving life too!! Dalton is working so hard right now and starting to lose sleep from all of my coughing. Sorry honey.
But they have a new project to start working on... I will have to get out in the garage and take a picture of the new baby in our home. It's a 67 Mustang. They (Hubby and Kaelyn) are going to restore it for Kaelyn to have when he is ready to drive. It might just take that long. It really is in pretty good shape. It drives fast and well. I guess the fast part is not really needed... but sure makes it fun. They hope to paint it crimson and put cream stripes down the hood and wherever they go.. Boomer Sooner car!!! I am excited to see it all come to fruition.
Well, don't have much time. I have to get Ethan off to school. But wanted to post a little just to keep me in the habit. Talk soon.

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