Monday, October 8, 2007

Adoption Update

Well, I guess God is giving me the true ability to LEARN patience. Our homestudy interviews were done on Monday the 17th. We thought it would be written and given to the appropriate next step people 2 weeks later. I got an email this last Friday that with the new laws we are waiting on the state of OK to give their clearance on a background check for child abuse and neglect. That is all she is waiting on to have it turned in. I am asking for everyone to pray that they will be swift in response and that it will all be done this week. We can't move on to the state here for foster licensing without that homestudy report.
I grew up always hearing "Good things happen to those who wait." Well, after being tired of hearing that one all the time I changed it up a bit... "Good thing happen to those who do something about it NOW." Just appears that it's not about me. I know hard to believe I am saying that one!! It is all about God's timing and the perfect child that he has already had in our plans and being obedient and patient with His timing. I got it, I got it... I just wish I could see the plans that lie ahead.
So, if you are wondering where we are and stand with our process that is it!! Waiting patiently.

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