Monday, October 8, 2007

Home Extreme Makeover- Night before unveiling

Well, it is only the 3rd time in their taping and building of homes that they have not been able to meet the deadline. But it actually happened here in the great rainy Northwest. I had promised my daughter that we would go Wednesday to "Move that Bus" day but I didn't want to take her out of school. I couldn't find a schedule anywhere for the time that they would be making the great reveal. So Ethan and I headed up to Kirkland. Amazingly there were no traffic hurdles on 405 and it was only a 35 minute drive for us. We got to the shuttle area and no one was there but the 2 busses. Got to the site and there was soooo much work to be done. It was clear that morning after raining on them for almost a solid week. Some cloud breaks but not enough apparently.
I heard from a worker that it would be at least 6 or 8 that night before they could do the unveiling and Paul actually told her he thought that was a "best case" scenerio. So, back in the car Ethan and I drove back down 405 home. A route we had become very familiar with over the that week.
Well, I had volunteered to help clean up the next day and got an email that it would be postponed until afternoon. So I new the unveiling would be delayed until that next morning. So, that night I took Ethan and Brooke back to view the progress and let Brooke catch a glimpse of what it was all like. We met a family that had a girl her age and they were instantly friends shouting "Ty, Ty, Ty!!" But he just didn't come out in time. We got pictures of Michael and Paige again. That thrilled everyone.

Cold boy with rosy cheeks...

And a girl who didn't want to go home. "Please can't we stay and see Ty??!!"

That next morning I was going to head out until I found out spectators had to be in position by 7 and move that bus would be at 9. Three kids makes that a little hard. But I am so glad that I got to experience the parts that I did. It is so weird to watch the episodes on tv now and know how much goes into every little scene they shoot.
But the best was getting to talk to all the neighbors who truly love this woman and her children. Dalton got to go take a day off on Tuesday and really help with the construction. He was up and out at the staging area by 4:30 am helping do insulation and various other things. What a day for him!! He loved it. And best of all I got one of the blue shirts to sleep in!!!
Thanks for the great experience and congrats to the Chapin family. Can't wait to see the episode in January.

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