Monday, October 8, 2007

Grocery Game dot come....

I have to tell you about this again. I don't remember if I went into much detail before. But if you are honestly looking to cut down your weekly or monthly grocery bill you have to do this. I used to go bi-weekly to Costco to buy all my food except the few things I still needed in addition at Safeway. I was way overspending on our grocery budget- which isn't the reason you have one to begin with right???

I read about this grocery game some of my fellow consultants were playing and thought "Hey I am gonna try that" So I signed up for a free trial period... and printed off my lists. I had also read that you wouldn't really save much during the first few weeks when you are just starting out collecting the coupons. But let me tell you I did. The first time I came home from shopping off the list Dalton was amazed at the amount of bags I had stuffed into our Suburban. It was full in th cargo area and the back seats. I had gotten more than my Costco/grocery money had ever gotten before. It was a great WOW factor for us!!

How it works?? They have studied the sales of all the markets and take all the guess work out of it for you. The lists comprise the best time to use your coupons on items that are actually at a "rock bottom" sale price. Not just manufactured paid advertising. For our family we are buying 2 Seattle Times papers allowing to get 2 sets of coupons. I honestly could probably use 1 more paper to maximize the total saving and stocking up on items. So they do these in a 12 week cycle. You are stocking up on items that you don't NEED right now so that when you do NEED them you won't be going out and paying full price. I make my menus based on what I have in my pantry rather than making a menu and running out to buy off of that. That has saved us too.

Now I won't lie you saw the adorned coupon book... yours doesn't have to look like that. That is just how I am. But you will need some kind of binder and definate alone time to clip, sort, file, and pull expired coupons. It is a lot of work- but the saving far outways the work. So, go try it out....

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