Tuesday, June 3, 2008

These boots...

Hello again. I have to share a little story and some pictures of my little guy.
So funny tonight Ethan came up to me and said- "Mom my feet are so big!" I wasn't looking at him and his excitement just stopped me. If you know Ethan you can totally hear the whole expression in slow motion but intense "you gotta see this!" So, I looked down to see Daddy's boots and instantly said "Oh Ethan let me get the camera!!" Being the total photo op boy that he is he granted my wish and did a little show!! Here are his pictures!! He is so funny. But as you will see by the last shot he really was done! He wanted to see what the boots looked like. Sorry Ethan, mommy just couldn't stop. But I have to say I am not sure what was cuter his boots or the 4 shirts he layered up. My little Northwesty Boy!!

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