Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's here... the time is finally here.

Well, I have been super busy this last part of the week. I had a Lia Sophia party last night and it was super fun. I made up some "what's hot" bingo cards that I will have to take pics of later.. but tonight I am studying the course for the millionth time. I run my marathon tomorrow. Can you believe it's finally here? Where it seems like forever ago I started training- it also seems so hard to believe that it all comes down to tomorrow. And the craziest thing ever is all of us are trying to decide which one to do next. We are hooked. But this time I am making my hubby do it with me!! I can't wait.

Wish me luck and say a prayer for me!! The weather forecast is almost perfect. High of 54 and chance of showers- well no chance it will rain. Just hoping not too heavy!!

And then I promise more artwork. :o)

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Jena said...

Hope all went well today - good for you!