Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Boomer Sooner

I found the best site for the background I just uploaded in 2 minutes... I bought a little set about 2 months ago and still can't figure out how to add it. But this one from the cutest blog on the block was FREE and EASY.. 2 words moms love to hear. that is the link, if I knew how to let you just click on it I would do it like that but I don't know how..
I sit down to blog for the first time in a month and can't believe it has been that long. I am so aware of the time I don't have anymore. I have to find it again because I miss just being able to make a card. My craft room has become a class room and I am not able to make it both. Despite all the space and organization.
Homeschooling is apparently harder than I thought it would be. I am so not a teacher. I mean we are doing good but I don't know how teachers do it. Other than our children are always more respectful and eager to please their "real" teachers more than their parents. They can show us their frustrations and emotions when they just don't get it. I have learned that I learn completely different than my daughter... leading to some of the frustration. She can't seem to understand how I just don't understand why she doesn't get it!! Doesn't that make you laugh??

We are about to head out of town for the OU TX Red River Shootout!! What a blast!! The kids are excited to see our family again and my newly 13 year old boy can't wait to see the game... tell you the truth either can his dad!! BOOMER SOONER boys..
We made the cutest tie dyed shirts and I had red fingernails for a week. I have to upload the months of pics off my camera and post one later.

Hopefully I will be able to craft once we get back in town.. but for now just a little update to those wondering where I am.

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