Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back "Home"

Four years later and home is still 2 time zones away. We miss it even more with every trip back. I can't wait to find a way to get closer to D's family and mine. I would miss the beautiful scenery up here but it would be so great to just be home.

We had a blast at the OU/TX weekend all but of course the final score... but spirit just isn't anymore apparent than on the Dallas Freeways... here are a couple of pics to enjoy. my favorite is the bevo hanging from the bell. 25 miles from the hotel to the game took almost 3 hours.

We had fun taking a few pictures by the stadium too. We went to see how much campus has changed and give Kae a feel for where he is headed!!

Back to the normal grind now... although all of us are still on CST. That has been hard on the little guy. He wakes up at 5:30 hungry and ready to go. Guess we should have slept in while we were there.

Until later, thanks for stopping by.


Scraphappy in AK said...

Nice to see the Boomer Sooner entry. We were watching the game on TV. According to my husband, it is the biggest game of the year for him. We have pictures just like the ones of you and your family. My husband was born in Oklahoma and moved to Alaska when he was only 3 days old. He had never been to Oklahoma or to OU. He was like a kid in a candy storm when he came down to visit his family and my family for the first time. We are in Alaska still and for me home is still in Oklahoma. What state do you live in now? Are you the one who had their scrapbook room painted with OU colors? We just got a house and painted our family room in OU colors.

Inkyfingerz said...

I do have a Sooner Wall in my craft room- it even has the chant across the top in cream.
My fireplace adorns the crimson color too.
Thanks for leaving a comment your story is cute.