Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trimming the Tree

I can't believe how not into Christmas I have been this year. It has taken almost a full week to get the tree up lights up and decorations put in place. I am usually a one day kind of gal.
We did the 4 am shopping on black Friday and it was a circus. Never shop at KOHL'S for a 4 am sale. We had a wonderful place in line to get in and a terrible time checking out- that we just left. I heard later that people waited some 2 to 3 hours to pay for their things. But Sam's, now that was nice. Quiet, free breakfast and we got all we went for and more. It was fast and easy. Walmart wasn't bad either. Went to Michael's to get a bunch of craft stuff to do with the kids while we wait for the big fat guy(aka Santa) to come. But after that we went home. Dalton allowed me a "5 minute nap" that turned into 2 hours. That was nice. Then we had basketball all weekend. That may be where the crusher was... we weren't able to do our normal routine. It was a do it when you can type of thing. Sad to me. But they played hard and it was fun to watch. :o)
So we are almost done with the lights on the house, just a few things I want to change- or should I say want Dalton to change. And we should be good as done. I am about to turn on the music and get in the mood. I am almost done with my Christmas cards and I wish I could post them... but you will have to wait to get it in the mail.
So, if you will join me as I sing Christmas Carols in the shower for now!! And don't forget to watch the tree in Rockefeller Center light up tonight. That is my dream to one day not have to watch it on TV and actually be standing right in front of all the glory. So beautiful.

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