Thursday, November 1, 2007

Scrapbook in a Box

Ladies I wanted to post a little something for you to see. I know that some of you have a question on just what is the Scrapbook in a Box that is offered at the next crop night (11/16). I will add some photos here so that you can see what a fun and unique gift it can make for your family and friends to receive. If you would like to make one that night the fee is only $12. You can email me or add it to your RSVP on the evite.

This is one I made for my wonderful inlaws when they came to town over the summer. I wanted to be sure to send back with them photos from their visit with us.

So after seeing it, you can tell that there is a layering of cardstock that makes the box. It is scored and cut into 4 flap areas that when folded up they make a square for the box. You can use as many as 28 pictures to fill up this wonderful gem. I also provided in this box some extra fold over flaps providing room for even more journaling or pictures.

I will not lie these are so time consuming in production but the gift is well worth any amount of time and effort. You will love it so much you just might need to make 2 to keep one for yourself.

Have a great day!!!

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Sileah said...

squee! That is the coolest scrap-thing I've seen in a loooong time! I so want to make one RIGHT NOW.

Love your blog, too! Keep it up! Lot's o' Antioch luv,